KIF Sale Announcement

Kids in Focus (“KIF”) is a highly regarded provider of short-term diagnostic care and therapeutic services for young people in crisis. KIF’s comprehensive child assessment and preventive services are provided in licensed home-like environments.  KIF’s innovative team diagnostic approach performs clinical, psychological, medical, physical and educational evaluations designed to assess each child’s specific needs to develop successful programs for emotional development and behavior modification.  The founders of KIF stated, “Windward guided us through the preparation and sales process with unparalleled service and professionalism, allowing us to continue to run and grow our company while they closed the transaction.”

Community Alternatives Virginia, Inc. is a subsidiary of ResCare, Inc. ResCare (NASDAQ: RSCR) is a human services company based in Louisville, Kentucky that provides a continuum of multi-faceted services to help children and young adults in need.  According to ResCare’s President and Chief Executive, “Kids in Focus strengthens our therapeutic offerings to young people in crisis.”


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