Xperts Sale Announcement

Xperts, Inc. (“Xperts”) headquartered in Richmond, VA, developed the education industry’s first fully web-based individualized education plan (IEP) management solution, iep.online®, through its education products division, XEP.  The system delivers a comprehensive, process driven solution that leads the user through a logical series of steps while documenting and building each student’s IEP.  This streamlines the ability of teachers and administrators to identify and manage referrals and reporting.  Paul Mancini, the President and CEO of Xperts stated, “Windward worked very closely with our management team to thoroughly and diligently guide us through the sales process.  Additionally, Windward took the time to understand our market and satisfy our desire for the process to be a confidential and positive experience for all involved.”

Public Consulting Group, Inc. (“PCG”), headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with more than 600 professionals in 27 offices in the U.S. and in Montreal, Quebec, provides management consulting and technology solutions to help public education, health, human services, and other government clients in all 50 states and Canada achieve their performance goals and better serve populations in need.  PCG’s education division has developed and acquired innovative and scalable technology solutions to address the changing needs of the K-12 community.  According to PCG’s President and CEO, William Mosakowski, “the XEP team shares PCG Education’s dedication to helping K-12 educators improve student outcomes.  With the addition of the iep.online® suite, we continue to increase our expertise, capacity and scale to offer robust K-12 consulting services that help educators achieve measurable results.”

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