Capital Raising Services

Sourcing Private or Public Debt and/or Equity to Fund Growth or Acquisitions

Successful Capital Raising Strategy

A successful capital raise of senior debt, mezzanine debt, private or public equity requires proper financial analysis and preparing and communicating succinctly the amount of capital required, the type, its purpose, what security is available, and the ability for repayment or gain. We help in determining the capital need and the most desirable form of capital required; develop a broad list of capital providers and methodically identify those most suitable by soliciting, comparing and negotiating competitive offers for the most desirable terms.

The Windward Difference

Windward’s principals have over 65 years of combined experience in finance and corporate growth, including having been senior debt and mezzanine lenders and private equity investors. This enables them to quickly hone in on the key considerations important to capital investors.

Engagement Structure

Windward performs its services on a retainer basis with a success fee, dependent on the type of capital being raised, paid upon closing a transaction. Retainers received are credited as an offset against any success fee earned.

Key Services Provided

  • Prepare or review financial model for funding needs
  • Draft and prepare presentation materials to submit to capital providers
  • Identify and discuss appropriate debt, mezzanine and/or equity capital structure and amount(s) required
  • Develop a comprehensive list of relevant providers of the different forms of capital and contact each
  • Request, review, compare and negotiate term sheets from each provider
  • Summarize and assist in determining which providers will be invited to a management presentation
  • Arrange for management presentations and coordinate data requests
  • Assist in selection of capital providers and review commitments
  • Coordinate due diligence
  • Assist in negotiations of loan documents, equity investment agreements, inter-creditor agreements, etc.
  • Remain involved as needed in final deal negotiations and in final closing