Corporate Growth & Exit Planning Advisory Services

Advise in Developing Growth and Exit Strategies and in Professionalizing Businesses to Build Shareholder Value

Successful Corporate Growth and Exit Consulting

A successful consulting exercise requires a thorough understanding of the business, the industry in which it operates, a company’s limitations and the commitment and capability of management to execute. As an advisor we will often function as a “de facto” advisory board and challenge thought processes as an independent party. The service helps to identify weaknesses in operations and quality of information, to assist in the transition to a professionally run business model designed to enhance shareholder equity value.

The Windward Difference

Windward’s principals have over 65 years of combined experience in having financed, acquired, built, managed, operated and sold businesses in diverse industries. Operating in roles in corporate development and in private equity in buying and building businesses, they have executed on sound fundamental strategies which are common across industry lines and achieve results.

Key Services Provided

  • Conduct formal strategic planning exercises designed to become the basis for a formal plan. These exercises break down a company into each operational area of a business, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, upon which an action plan is then prepared. Specific goals and objectives are highlighted, establishing responsibility for addressing, and dates to be completed.
  • Provide analysis of potential acquisitions including an assessment of how the acquisition may be funded and identifying key considerations, risks and opportunities presented
  • Operating in a “de facto” advisory board capacity to meet on a periodic basis with management to review performance, quality of information and to discuss strategic initiatives
  • Assist in identifying interim, fractional or permanent staffing needs
  • Analyze exit alternatives and related readiness
  • Reviewing unsolicited proposals of owners who have been approached by a potential buyer outside of a formal sales process to evaluate merit value proposition

Engagement Structure

Windward performs its consulting services on an hourly, retainer, or project basis, depending of the scope of the engagement.