Shipcomm Sale Announcement

Shippers Commonwealth, LLC (“ShipComm”), headquartered in Charleston, SC, is a leading provider of advanced automated transportation planning and management system solutions for shippers of all sizes.  They have pioneered innovative transportation management system (TMS) solutions since 2000. Bob Shagawat, founder and CEO of Shipcomm stated, “Windward did a comprehensive job of presenting our business to a broad sector of the market (both strategic and financial investors) in an organized methodology.  We engaged them to conduct a professional program on acquisition vs. remaining independent, rather than our reacting to many unsolicited queries we received from a wide range of investors.  I would recommend them strongly to business owners who want the best talent and “white glove” service on mergers and acquisitions, be it “sell side” or “buy side”.

RedPrairie Corporation delivers productivity solutions for workforce, inventory and transportation to manufacturers, distributors and retailers looking to support strategies that increase revenue, reduce costs, and create competitive advantages. Their solutions are installed at more than 34,000 customer sites in over 40 countries.  Mike Mayoras, RedPrairie’s CEO stated, “The union of ShipComm and RedPrairie will expand our presence and responsiveness to the needs of the TMS marketplace in our On-Demand offerings to bring total cloud computing solutions that are accessible to all sectors within our served markets.”

Windward Advisors, LLC is a sell-side, buy-side, corporate growth and financial advisory services firm.  Windward specializes in helping business owners realize the values of their companies by providing strategic planning and corporate growth advisory services and by representing owners in the execution of sales or acquisitions of businesses.  Windward is an advocate of ensuring that business owners are knowledgeable about their alternatives and properly positioned and prepared before pursuing transactions.